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Tommy Tales: Chapter One.

Sociopaths are closer than you might think. Someone very close to you might be a sociopath and you wouldn’t even know it. Some sociopaths are harder to identify than others. In fact, some sociopaths go their entire lives with out people knowing about their illness. “Tommy” isn’t one of those people. Right off the bat you can tell that “Tommy” isn’t your average teenage boy. You notice his nervous facial ticks, the way he moves his hands, the way he speaks about things, his weird interests. “Tommy” doesn’t have many friends. I don’t even think he really wants friends. In light of recent events, some might say that “Tommy” is a “hazard to those around him” or “a bomb whose detonation is imminent”. “Tommy” is by no means whatsoever the person you’d like to be around. Especially not when he’s mad. Once “Tommy” gets fired up, there’s no way to calm him down; you just have to try and remove the oxygen and let the flame put itself out. When “Tommy“‘s short fuse is lit: he begins to spiral out of control, his crazy eyes bug out of his head, his long, bony fingers curl into hard fists, his teeth clench shut and his jaw tightens and starts stomping about like a madman. Sanity has clearly left the building. Some say Sanity never found its way to the building to begin with. Frequently, “Tommy” vividly elaborates about his fantasies about killing people in his classes. No one really takes Tommy” seriously, but I’m starting to think they should…

Oct 05 2012
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